Reporting & Dashboards

Development of most automated interactive dashboard based on the business requirement assisting in drawing meaningful actionable insights out of them. Expertise in story telling using data to create maximum impact on the business. Various data analytics tools used for reporting and dashboard are used by the team which includes, Excel and Tableau while maximizing automation. Depending on the requirement and engagement with the customers, we do provide end to end recommendation based on holistic understanding of available data.

Statistical Modelling

Experts in utilizing various statistical analysis to develop models using Linear regression, Logistic Regression, Decision Tree, Association Rule etc. solving various business problems. These models are robust in nature which helps businesses to understand and take actions like optimizing marketing budgets, customer segmentation, customer retention strategy, cross sell/ up- sell strategy etc. End to end development and testing of the models are done by the experts providing actionable insights and assisting in development of efficient business strategies. Various tools including SAS, excel, python are used for the development and testing of these models.

Digital Analytics (Web +Newsletter + Social Media):

Holistic approach towards understanding total reach and engagement of various Digital Channels which include Website, Newsletter, Social Media analytics. As the digital world is growing, so is the need to understanding the huge pile of data generated and expertise in making sense of the raw data. The team is proficient in all the relevant tools for various digital channels like Google Analytics, Poppulo, Oracle Responsys etc. to make the most of the available data.
Benchmarking of digital channel performance and making strategy based on this is imperative which needs to be addressed using expert’s guidance.

Campaign Analytics

Tracking campaigns on a regular basis and drawing quick insights to optimize various channel performance and making decisions. Real- time campaign analytics to provide insights which helps in coarse- correction during and utilizing the learnings in upcoming campaigns. Chanel optimization to make the best of the available resources is important and this can be handled by the experts in the team.