About Us

Acor Insights is an Analytics, Consulting and Research service provider and the company offers details around the qualitative and quantitative aspects of most of the businesses. We provide off-the-shelf as well as custom made studies along with consulting services to our clients. Our database includes various reports from publishers around the globe with the latest versions of the required studies available. We, at Acor Insights, aim at providing hand-picked solution to all your business-related questions. Understanding the market dynamics and providing result driven solutions is our specialty. Our offerings include in-depth analysis for different industries such as communication & technology, healthcare, consumer goods, food & beverages, chemicals, and materials. .

  • Our Vision

    As trusted advisors to our customers and business partners, we aggressively want to become a high-performing and most customer-centric Research & Analytics organization by driving an open culture and delivering end to end service to customers. Everything to be achieved in a timely and most effective manner, ensuring all customers live the same ACoR experience.

  • Our Mission

    Thriving to become most customer centric Research and Analytics organization by ensuring timely and most efficient delivery of services. Always keeping track of end goal which is to maximize customer satisfaction, we at ACoR work diligently and closely with the customers and business partners in all the interactions and delivery.

Our Offerings

Analytics support is provided for both syndicate as well as customized market research reports for all verticals

Our Clients

Our clientele includes a mix of established companies and start-ups